Knowledge and Power are with us

Vision :

To emerge as an excellent university , nationally , regionally and internationally,in creating and disseminating knowledge, and providing students a unique learning experience that will best serve the Kurdistani Community , the nation and the world for the betterment of mankind.


High Quality teaching and training to prepare academic , technical and critical graduates to be able to compete in the labour market ; prepare leaders in their field of study to contribute in the development and promotion of the community .


  • Scientific, academic and cultural development of human resources to meet the individual and community needs for recent and contemporary specializations.
  • Training and Continuing education to upgrade scientific and technical level of teaching staff and students.
  • Working seriously to link the university objectives with community needs.
  • Depending on advanced and up-to-date curriculum that are compatible with the contemporary needs.
  • Activating practical and theoretical scientific research and directing it towards serving and promoting the community.
  • Educating a generation armed with science and knowledge, country-loving, free to think, innovative in his field to contribute in developing the community.