College of Engineering was established according to the ministerial order No. 6/ 5268 dated 10-9-2009 .The college contained department of petroleum engineering only and later on in 2013 department of Environmental Engineering was opened. At present the college awards the degree of bachelor of engineering in petroleum and environmental engineering. The first batch of students graduated in the academic year 2012-2013 and the fourth batch in the academic year 2015-2016 with a total of 116 graduates from petroleum engineering department. In the academic year 2016-2017 there are 289 students in the college two departments, and the college aspires to cover other engineering fields in the near future.


As a Dean of College of Engineering in Knowledge University, I have the privilege and pleasure of leading this distinguished institute.
One of the foremost driving forces in our ever changing world is Engineering and to be an engineer is to have the capabilities and know – how to meet the needs of people locally and around the world, and help to make their lives safer, more comfortable, and more productive.
The college’s mission is to educate the technological leaders of tomorrows.
Our goal is to inculcate intellectual skills in our graduates in order to produce highly competent engineers who utilize critical thinking and problem solving for decision making and demonstrate ethical and professional behavior.
The college of Engineering offers four-year Bachelor degree in Petroleum and Environmental Engineering and aspires to cover other engineering fields needed by the local and regional markets in the near future.
You are welcome to visit us and meet our highly qualified staff and students. We are confident that you will find the unique educational experiences and opportunities that you are looking for.
May God bless you all.

Prof. Dr.Talib Khalil Ibrahim




NameCertificateنازناوی زانستیSpecializationپیشەCV
TALIB KHALIL IBRAHIMPh.DProfessorكيمياء موادراگری كوليژی ئەندازياریCV
Mohammed Sahir M. AyoubPh.DAssistant Professorهيدرولوجيسەرپەرشتياری زانستیCV
Falah Hussein KhalafPh.DLecturerجيولوجيا نەوتسەرۆكي بەشی ئەندازياری نەوتCV
Gihad Keyani Abdulrahman
Ph.DLecturerهندسة ميكانيكسەرۆكی بەشی ئەندازياری ژينگەCV
Abduljabbar Khalaf SalihPh.DAssistant Professorهندسة موائعمامۆستا
Abdul Nasser Mahmood FattahM.Sc.Assistant Professorهندسة صناعيةبرياردەری كۆلیژی ئەندازياریCV
Hiba Hussien AlwanM.Sc.Assistant Professorهندسة انتاجمامۆستاCV