Department of Petroleum Engineering has been established in (2010-2011) to develop scientific knowledge and elevate the professional characters and engineers throughout Iraq. It delivers courses leading to B.Sc. Degree. The Department programs work for preparing engineers whom are professionally motivated and committed to achieve all the required objectives to work in petrol and oil field. This department consist of four academic years of study, and each academic year is approximately thirty weeks which are divided by two study courses that is taught in English Language. The teaching strategies cover teaching sessions and students centered course works. One of the requirements of graduation is fulfilling 160 credit units.


Vision and Aim:

Our vision is to see the energy industry transformed through our graduates with great knowledge and information by translating fundamental discovery into applied industry applications.



Our mission is to educate engineers who have enough knowledge and grounded in the fundamental sciences.Students graduating from petroleum engineering program shall be well prepared to serve the oil and gas industry through their technical knowledge, which make the graduates capable of following different branches of petroleum engineering from exploration to production).
The graduates will be able to work in different divisions of oil industry, such as exploration, drilling, reservoirs development, and production.


 Educational Objectives and Outcome:

The Petroleum engineering department aims and graduating petroleum engineers who will be;

  1. Engage in productive careers in petroleum engineering in public and private sectors and have the abilities to think and develop further knowledge in the field of oil industry from exploration to production and refinery.
  2. To produce a petroleum engineer who understands the value of information in the exploitation of an oil or gas asset.
  3. To produce petroleum engineers who are recognized for their ability to integrate geology , exploration geophysics ,petro-physics ,and reservoirs modeling to solve petroleum engineering problems.


Skill Gains:

The graduates will have a good knowledge and skill from the four years theoretical and laboratories programs and also reports of training, projects preparing. The graduates will be able to work and participate in different branches of oil and gas technology.



ناوی سیانیبڕوانامەنازناوی زانستیپسپۆرى ووردپیشەسی ڤی
د. محمد ساهر محمد ايوبدكتۆراپرۆفيسۆري ياريدەدەرهيدرولوجيسەرپەرشتياری زانستی
د. فلاح حسين خلفدكتۆرامامۆستاجيولوجيا نەوتسەرۆكي بەشی ئەندازياری نەوت
م. عبد الناصر محمودماستەرمامۆستای ياريدەدەرهندسة صناعيةبرياردەری كۆلیژی ئەندازياری
د.صباح محمد جميلدكتۆراپرۆفيسۆرهندسة ميكانيكمامۆستا
د.لطفي علي محموددكتۆراپرۆفيسۆري ياريدەدەرفيزياءمامۆستا
د. صفاء حميد مصطفىدكتۆرامامۆستافيزياءمامۆستا
م.ضياء يعقوب يشوماستەرمامۆستای ياريدەدەرجيولوجيامامۆستا
م. هبة حسين علوانماستەرمامۆستای ياريدەدەرهندسة انتاجمامۆستا


Petroleum Engineering Department : Program