The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences is one of the leading and most important colleges in the University, which attracts the largest number of students studying at the University. Which was established in September 2009 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to ​​introduce new curricula for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in administrative and financial sciences? The duration of the study is four years. The course system is applied for the second, third and fourth stages, in the current academic year 2016-2017. Teaching in English and Arabic is accepted as the teaching language of the required subjects, in addition to the teaching of kurdology.
The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences is one of the most important and leading colleges in the preparation and preparation of specialized and efficient cadres in the administrative, financial, banking and accounting sciences in order to advance economic growth and development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in particular, and Iraq in general.

The Deanship of the College offers all that it can to raise the scientific level of students and provide all the requirements and modern scientific programs, and keep pace with modernity in education and training programs in order to raise the efficiency and level of graduates, and is keen to adopt advanced methods and modern teaching, and the formation of scientific and expert staff in the specialties and science taught by students during Four years.
The Deanship of the College and the Scientific Committee are planning to introduce new scientific departments with specializations commensurate with the needs and requirements of the labor market. For example, the College planned to open the Hospital Management Department in the Administrative Department for the next year.
The teaching family is heading by the Dean of the College, who leads the teaching process, which includes many tasks that require a lot of effort and follow-up,

In addition to achieving harmony between the scientific departments and academic staff, and the implementation of instructions and directives received from the Ministry of Higher Education, taking in consideration the affairs of students and the timing of schedules and staffing and many other tasks and actions
Also comes after the post of Dean of the College in the hierarchy of career heads of departments, which includes the scientific and administrative, followed by decision makers departments. The College has already adopted the course system since its inception in 2009. The College plans to apply the annual system to its scientific departments. This system has been applied to the students of the first year of the current academic year 2016-2017.