Department of Accounting is one of the departments of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, which the study has begun in 2009/2010, , the first batch graduated of it in 2013. The University’s administration pays particular attention to this department by attracting qualified and qualified accounting staff members from the teaching staff specialized in accounting, in order to support the educational process in the department and to develop and update the educational curricula in order to increase the abilities of the students and stimulate them, The College plans to accommodate the increasing number of applicants for registration in the department.

The accounting department aims at graduating students with a desirable specialization and is characterized by the increasing demand for its outputs, which gives graduates sufficient knowledge and experience. In the task of accounting and auditing the banks in companies and government and private institutions, and control sources of funds and spending through the maintenance of records of revenues and banks and the payment of wages and salaries and advances and loans and the preparation of budgets.

Graduates qualify from the accounting department to carry out accounting work in public and private institutions, in addition to auditing, auditing and keeping records.
Duration of study in the department is four years.



  1. Preparation and specialized cadres in the accounting sciences, and preparing graduates to fill accounting positions in various government departments, mixed and private.
  2. Introducing the ethics and requirements of accountants when practicing the profession, motivating students and directing them to work towards the development of the accounting profession.
  3. Acquiring students of knowledge and information modern and advanced, whether related to the specialization of accounting or disciplines related to the specialization of accounting and that by keeping up with everything that is new in these areas.
  4. To seek to establish constructive and useful relations with the parties representing the different fields of work and to strengthen these relations and to contribute to the exchange of experiences and strengthen the bonds of cooperation between them and between the Department through:
    • Organizing the scientific trips of the students of the department to the different work sites, in order to connect the theoretical aspect that is taught to them in the department with practical aspects in practice so that the picture is complete in their minds.
    • The establishment of scientific seminars for the department, which discuss any accounting problem arises in practice and the aim of this awareness of this problem and explain all dimensions through
    • The establishment of scientific seminars for the department which discuss any accounting problem that arises in practice, and the aim of these seminars
      To raise awareness of this problem and explain all its dimensions through hosting the parties concerned and especially from outside the university to take advantage of their views and to identify their views and dialogue with them in an attempt to find alternatives to solve the problem with the invitation of those involved in the subject of the symposium to attend for the purpose of benefiting and enrich the symposium with interventions and discussions.
    • Directing the department’s students to the various fields of work to accomplish the practical aspect of the research they are preparing in the fourth level in the graduation research project.
  5. Enhance the skills of students in the fields of English language and computer through:
    • Teaching students some English language courses by teaching English course in two semesters to a study requirement in the first stage, in addition to teaching the course of business correspondence in English and a research course in the English language, and also providing the student with a set of accounting terminology in English in each accounting course being taught During different stages of study.
    • Teaching the computer in a prescribed manner dealing with the principles of computer in the first stage and then teaching a course dealing with computer applications in the field of accounting.



اسم التدريسياللقب العلميالاختصاصاللقب العلميالسيرة الذاتية
عدى صابور الراشديماجستيرالاقتصادمدرس مساعد
م زانا مجيد صادقماجستيرالادارةمدرس مساعد
م.م. عمر رمزي جاسمماجستيرالاحصاءمدرس مساعد
م.م. طلال عبد الرزاق سعيدماجستيرالاحصاءمدرس مساعد
م.م زينب حسين يحيىماجستيرITمدرس مساعد
م.م زيد سعد اسماعيلماجستيرITمدرس مساعد
سيروان زةنددكتوراكوردىمدرس
م.م. اسو ولي محمدماجستيراجماعياتمدرس مساعد
د. دلخوش جاراللهدكتورالغة العربيةاستاذ
م. د. صالح خلف صالحدكتورالغة العربيةمدرس
م.م محمد طلال يونسماجستيرلغة انكليزىمدرس مساعد
م.م رافى نزار جميلماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
م. مظفر حمدماجستيرالادارةاستاذ مساعد
م.طيلان محمدماجستيرالاقتصادمدرس
رامى صلاحماجستيراعلاممدرس مساعد
د. فراسدكتوراITمدرس
م.د طه احمد حسن اردينيدكتورامحاسبةمدرس
د. سنان زهيردكتورامحاسبةمدرس
دريد عادلماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
سعد ناجىماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
رشاد يعقوبماجستيرانكيزىمدرس مساعد
فرهاد صديقماجستيرانكيزىمدرس مساعد
كاوة وةلىماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
م.بيمان ابراهيمماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
د. فيان سليماندكتورامحاسبةمدرس
د. صبحى مجيددكتورامحاسبةاستاذ مساعد
د.غازى عثماندكتورامحاسبةاستاذ مساعد
سلوان نعمتماجستيرمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
شيظان مولود حسينماجستيراللغة الانكليزيةمدرس مساعد
دةرباز انوراسماعيلماجستيرالمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
زةيتو عولا ابو بكرماجستيرالمحاسبةمدرس
حازم هاشم محمدماجستيرالمحاسبةمدرس
امين جوادماجستيرالمحاسبةمدرس مساعد
سعد جاد اللهماجستيرقانونمدرس مساعد
د. كمال النقيبدكتورامحاسبةاستاذ مساعد