The Department of Finance and Banking is one of the scientific departments that comprise the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the University. It is hoped that the study will begin in the academic year 2012/2013.

The University administration pays particular attention to this section by attracting competent and qualified cadres from the faculty members specialized in financial and banking sciences to support the educational process in the department and the development and modernization of educational curricula in order to stimulate the student’s intellectual abilities and to provide the labor market with specialized outputs in the field of finance And is expected to increase the demand for study in this section for the coming years in response to the increasing demand for graduates of this important specialization.


The objectives of the Department of Finance and Banking are the main objectives of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences:

  1. Preparing and graduating cadres specialized in the field of finance and banking, prepared academically and professionally to fill financial and banking positions in various fields of work: governmental, private and mixed.
  2. Instilling the concept of professional ethics and moral content that should be enjoyed by the graduate in the exercise of his profession, and motivate students to work towards the development of the profession they work after graduation.
  3. Provide students with modern and advanced knowledge and information, whether related to the specialization of financial and banking sciences or disciplines related to their specialization, by keeping up with everything that is new in these areas.
  4. To seek constructive and useful relations with the parties representing the various fields of work and to strengthen these relations and to contribute to the exchange of experiences and strengthen the bonds of cooperation between them and the Department through:
    • Organizing the scientific trips of the students of the department to the different work sites, in order to connect the theoretical aspect that is taught to them in the department with practical aspects in practice so that the picture is complete in their minds.
    • The establishment of scientific seminars for the department, which discuss any related problem that is emerging in practice. The aim of these seminars is to raise awareness of this problem and explain all its dimensions by hosting the concerned parties especially from outside the university to benefit from their views and to identify their views and dialogue with them in an attempt. To find alternatives to solve the problem with the invitation of those involved in the subject of the symposium to attend for the purpose of benefiting and enrich the symposium with interventions and discussions.
    • directing the students of the department to the different fields of work to accomplish the practical aspect of the research they are preparing in the fourth level within the graduation research project.
  5. Enhancing the skills of students in English and computer through:
    • Teaching students some courses in English by teaching the English course in two semesters to a course in the first stage.
    • In addition to teaching the course of commercial correspondence in English and a research course in English and also providing the student with a group of Banking terms or securities in English in each course within the specialization that is taught during the different academic stages.
    • Teaching the computer in a prescribed manner dealing with the principles of computer in the first stage and then teaching a course dealing with computer applications in the field of finance and banking.
 The Department of Financial and Banking Sciences aims at teaching and qualifying students in economic sciences, especially in the fields of economic and monetary policies, as well as foreign trade and balance of payments, the development of domestic investments, attracting foreign investments and financial management for public and private companies
The study in the department prepares graduates to work in public and private banks and banks, work in the tax services, prepare economic plans, and achieve progress and economic growth at the macro and micro levels.
Duration of study in the department is four years.


ناوی سیانیبڕوانامەپسپۆڕینازناوی زانستیسی ڤی
ا.م.د. سردار عثمان خضردکتۆرائابوورییاریدەدەری پڕۆفیسۆر
ا.م.د. ياسين عثمان عبداللهدکتۆرائابوورییاریدەدەری پڕۆفیسۆر
م.د.خالد عبدالحميدعبدالمجيددکتۆرائابووریمامۆستا
م.د. بختيار صابر محمددکتۆرائابووریمامۆستا
د. سامان حسين محموددکتۆرائامارمامۆستا
د. عامر عبدالله مجيددکتۆرائابووریمامۆستا
د. مصطفى فاضل حماديدکتۆرائابووریمامۆستا
د. قحطان طارق يوسفدکتۆراژمێریاریمامۆستا
م.م. ديار عبد المجيد جميلماستەرژمێریاری داراییمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م عدي صابور محمد الراشديماستەرئابووریمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. ئاورنك محمد محي الدينماستەرکارگێڕی کارمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. كوسرت محمد ابابكرماستەرکارگێڕی کارمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. كزنك خالد كريمماستەرئابووریمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م كاروان علي بيروتماستەرکارگێڕی کارمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م شيماء فائق عبودماستەرئینگلیزیمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. محمد حسن خليفة محمدماستەرکارگێڕی بەبازاڕکردنمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. كنان عيسى السايغماستەرکارگێڕی بانکەکانمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. انس محمد زهير الحاج حسينماستەرکارگێڕی بانکەکانمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م عماد عزيز محمدماستەرکارگێڕی کارمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. شيروان جليل احمدماستەرئابووریمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. اسو ولي محمدماستەرتەکنەلۆژیای زانیاریمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م. كيلان احمد جميلماستەرئابووریمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م عمر رمزي جاسمماستەرئامارمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
م.م مصطفى محمد عبداللهماستەرئینگلیزیمامۆستای یاریدەدەر
احمد عبدالرحمن خدرماستەرداراييمامۆستای یاریدەدەر