The department was established at the College in the 2009-2010 academic year to provide a new curriculum for undergraduate students. It offers a certificate in Business Administration according to a study system that adopts the hours system as a study system for a group of subjects taught according to the courses system and over (8) courses ending with (4) years .


  • Improving the performance and knowledge of students in the administrative sciences
  • Preparation of specialized scientific research
  • Create a suitable scientific atmosphere for students

The Department of Business Administration aims at graduating students after completion of the requirements of the study, which works to raise the efficiency of scientific students in both theoretical and practical aspects during the four years of study.
The Department of Business Administration qualifies graduates to work in administrative jobs in public, private and mixed institutions, and to prepare qualified cadres to manage large and medium enterprises and small enterprises, as well as preparing plans and implementing them and the ability to apply them on the ground.
Duration of study in the department is four years.