Department of Pathological Analysis has been established in (2010-2011) to develop scientific knowledge and elevate the professional characters of apothecaries throughout Iraq. It delivers courses leading to B.Sc. Degree. Pathological analysis is one of the divisions of science. Pathological analysis is the search over the world for reservoirs once these resources are discovered the analytic tests work with the scientifically and technically competent and analytic formation . our teaching strategies include lectures , student-centered activities , and computer –assisted activities , such as classroom dialogue ,homework assignments.


So our goal is to provide a strong educational foundation so that our students will become pathological analyst who embrace the concept of being a life long learner. The following indications had been taken in consideration with they formed the improvement syllabic for pathological analysis specialization.

  1. The numbers of subjects are between 8 – 10 / weekly.
  2. The weekly hours are 30 – 34 / week.
  3. 1 credit hour per 1 hour theory and 1 credit per3 hour practical.
  4. The committee had been taken in consideration the following points:
    • University requirement
    • College requirement
    • Specialization and supporting requirement
  5. The committee had included two semester subjects requirement.
  6. Number of working weeks are 30.


Nahla abedulhamid abduljabarPh.DAssistant ProfessorOrganometallic chemistry
Salah mahdi saleemPh.DAssistant ProfessorMedical mycology
Dhary aliwe hamadPh.DAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology
Assad abedujalel hmoodM.Sc.Assistant LecturerMycology
Ahmed mohammed zakiM.Sc.Assistant LecturerBiochemistry
Ardalan abdulhamid othmanPh.DAssistant LecturerMolecular biology
Sahar hasannajadM.Sc.Assistant LecturerBiology
Ruqea mohammed ghareebPh.DAssistant ProfessorImmunology
Payman akram hamaPh.DAssistant ProfessorVirology
Gulzar ismael ibrahimPh.DLecturerBiochemistry
Jawher taher omerPh.DLecturerHistopathology
Salim najemalden saberM.Sc.Assistant LecturerBiochemistry
Hazhar talaat abubakerM.Sc.Assistant LecturerStatistics
Abdullah muhammed abduajabarPh.DAssistant ProfessorMathmatics
Shawnem musheer maaroofM.Sc.Assistant LecturerBiochemistry
Aryan rezgar kanjoPh.DAssistant ProfessorMicrobiology
Abduellah salih ismaeelM.Sc.LecturerMicrobiology
Abdualmuhaemin yousif shareefM.Sc.Assistant LecturerHistology
Bakhtear ahmed mahmoodM.Sc.Assistant LecturerKurdology
Rezan kamal ahmedM.Sc.Assistant ProfessorParasitology
Layla qasim ismailM.Sc.Assistant LecturerMolecular biology
Ayad karem aliM.Sc.LecturerMolecular biology

Pathological Analysis Department : Program